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The charity runs two Kindergartens and a Primary School, as well as a feeding programme in the Kibera Slum, in Nairobi, Kenya. Their aim is to help orphaned and vulnerable children living there.
We are very proud to support the Lunchbowl Charity as a school.

Throughout the school year, each year group learns about this charity and the work that it does, through class teaching, school fundraising and charity-led assemblies.

We believe it is vitally important for our children to know about other places in the world where children like them are not as fortunate, but that despite this, they still share many similarities and enjoy many of the same things. 

You can find out more about the charity by visiting their website.

A few years ago, Sally McGreevy, the Lunchbowl Director who lives in Kenya, sent us a personal ‘thank you’ message for all of our support!

Watch the video here!

For your information…

A Feeding Programme for 350 children runs every Saturday in Kibera, with food also being provided in the week via food packs in schools. There is a t-shirt system which helps to help easily identify the children in the Feeding Programme, thus making sure that the charity are truly reaching the most needy and destitute children in the Slum. The children are being fed on 33p a day!

The children are educated from 2-14 years old. The two Angel Kindergartens (including an integrated SEND class) and Primary School have a capacity of 450 children, supported by experienced teachers. The classrooms are large, clean, bright and airy.

The Sponsorship Programme is also growing, with many children being supported by schools, churches, families or corporate organisations for £25 a month. 

Latest News

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the schools have been closed and the Saturday Feeding Programme suspended. This has left children who are already extremely vulnerable, with a distressing lack of food.

The charity are now running a food bank providing emergency foodpacks for 116 families, as well as essential hygiene supplies.

Mrs Emery-Symmons

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