Message from Nick Hester, Chair of Infant School Local Governing Body

Dear Parents and Carers
Fund Raising
All state funded schools across the country have faced significant budget cuts in recent years and continue to do so. In spite of this, Elmlea Infants’ continues to outperform other schools across Bristol (and the UK), both in the state and independent education sectors.
EISA Fundraising
The EISA fundraising goes a long way towards maintaining this standard. There are also a number of simple ways in which we can help to enhance this fundraising and aid the school in trying to avoid cuts to staffing support and resources. You will of course be aware of the wonderful work that the Elmlea Infants’ School Association does each year to raise additional funds for the school. This past year (2018/2019 Academic Year), their hard work, with your help and generosity, has raised over £10,000. The school is always mindful to spend these funds during the year in which they are raised so that those children benefit. This year, so far, the funds are being spent on laptops for the children, books for the Library and helped fund the new carpets in Year 1 and the canopy on the terrace. You might like to think about joining EISA yourself this year.
Pupil Census Information
Each year a census is completed by the school. The information submitted, confidentially, by you on your child’s admission to the school, is included in this Census and enables the school to apply to the Local Authority for its funding. In particular, children from homes where English is spoken as an additional language, and children who would (but for the KS1 free meals) be eligible for free school meals attract additional funding. This funding is for the direct benefit of those children and we would urge you to fully complete the Data Collection sheets when they are sent home for you to check the information we hold on record for your child.
School Fund – Parental donations
Each child has a Tucasi/Scopay account and you will shortly notice an entry relating to a donation to the School Fund. The suggested sum is £50 annually, but this is of course a wholly voluntary donation as we are a non-fee-paying school, and we would ask you to contribute either the suggested sum, more, or less. The School Fund goes a long way each year to helping Elmlea remain a top performing school among both state and independent schools, and any assistance you can give is always greatly appreciated.
Thank you for using the TUSACI system to make payments to the school. It is working extremely well.
Gift Aid
Finally, on any donation you make to the School, we can collect a further amount from the Government by way of Gift Aid if you have completed a Gift Aid Declaration.
Please register for Gift Aid before you make your donation.
Registering for Gift Aid is very simple; you can do so via Tucasi online as follows:
· Log into Tucasi
· Click on Your Info
· Click on Gift Aid
This will bring up the Gift Aid Declaration, please complete with your details and tick the box that states, “I want to Gift Aid any donations I make to Elmlea Infants’ School”. Then please click on the purple confirm button once you have done so. If you have older children in school or in the Juniors, you may have registered before, but it is necessary to register for each child individually.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Many businesses will have a CSR policy which enables members of staff to apply for donations to a charity of their choice. If you think your employer may offer this, this is another simple way in which you may be able to help the school.
Some workplaces also offer volunteering grants to help care for the school premises. For example, previously, Barclays Bank donated funds to the school to help repair some of the playground equipment. They also sent over some of their staff to help paint it. Could this be something that your business or employer could help with? Again, we’d love to hear from you.
Are you planning to run a marathon, climb a mountain or jump out of a plane?? If so, perhaps you could consider raising funds for Elmlea as you do so (and don’t forget the Gift Aid from your sponsors, which collects a further 20% from the Government!). In addition, many employers will offer to match an employee’s own fundraising for their choice of charitable cause, so it’s worth checking if your employer offers match funding.
With many thanks for your continued support,
Nick Hester
Chair of Infant School Local Governing Body
September 2019

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